We are LIVE ….almost

Hi everyone.

We are very excited to be launching a brand new charity. Have a look at our home page and brows our resources. The donate link is not working yet as we are still working on the accounts.

We are currently in the process of acquiring some fantastic high quality ultrasound videos which will be live on our site and YouTube channel next week. We are also working on producing our first skills and drills obstetric video!

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We are very keen to make this charity personal, interactive, social and transparent so you know what we are doing and where your money is going.

The field projects are being developed as we speak and I will update you as soon as I know more. I know some of you have fantastic skills and share our passion, enthusiasm and vision and would like to join us on some projects. You can contact us using the form below.

We also appreciate any feedback regarding our website and are constantly striving to improve to provide the best free training resource available in maternity online!