Our Mission

Our mission is to improve maternal health for women around the world and support those providing such care to women. We strive to educate and empower practitioners in all aspects of maternal health in delivering a high standard of care to women, in a way that is sustainable, community integrated and culturally sensitive. We do this by building capacity from the ground up at a grass roots level.  We believe that part of our role as healthcare professionals should be helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and advocating for safe motherhood and women’s health globally.  Most maternal deaths are avoidable with more than 50% due to haemorrhage and hypertension.   For more information and the latest reports regarding the causes of death visit the United Nations website.

What do we actually do?

In Maternity there are very few expensive interventions; mostly basic sutures and equipment are used.  The difference in outcomes is very much to do with the skill of the operator to understand normal birth, recognise emergencies and then having the ability to act appropriately in those situations.  In those who have limited skills,  practice based training has been shown to significantly improve the operators skills and outcomes in a real emergencies.  Training is normally expensive both in equipment and personnel.

We provide free training for women’s healthcare providers to improve their knowledge and skills and enable them to improve the services they provide to women globally.

We offer free training courses on the ground to train local healthcare providers and then train them to become trainers!  This ensures that our intervention is sustainable and community integrated.  We give the new trainers a wealth of resources that they can use and re-use.  We aim to monitor and evaluate our projects regularly and support them during the year.  We aim to build capacity from the ground up at a grass roots level.

We offer free e-learning on this website that can be used by practitioners of all levels of expertise.  It has numerous resources including  ’skills and drills’ videos, ultrasound videos and other educational material.

We conduct and fund research projects both in training as well as in low resource development.

All the training and e-learning resources are provided by highly skilled medical professionals who’s time is usually chargeable. They volunteer their expertise and services to MaTI for free!  Your donations are used for support costs only.